About us

‘Us’ is just me, for now.

My name is Gijs van Lieshout, or ‘Gigi’. I am a business consultant from the Netherlands. In my spare time, I like to hike, sail, ski, and scuba dive. I do have some experience in blogging and reviewing: gigiski.com.

In all of these activities, I am a true amateur. True in the sense that I don’t base my livelihood on them, but also – more importantly – that I am a hiking, sailing, skiing, and scuba diving lover. The word ‘amateur’ literally means ‘one who loves’. This website is just a collection of my thoughts, experiences, learnings, and (best) practices, for fellow outdoor lovers to enjoy and perhaps learn from.

The aim here is not to educate. In all these activities, there are great professional instructors for that. I just wish I had the insights I have now when I got started in these sports. That’s why I share them here.